Jubilee Health Appointments



Consultations at Jubilee Health are done in a Skype/FaceTime format and are one hour in length. We take time to look at the whole child with a given health history, and develop a plan that covers nutritional tips, lifestyle recommendations and natural remedies.   Follow up appointments can be done via online or by email. 


At Jubilee Health our aim is to find an underlying cause for your child's health issues and we offer three types of in home testing. Insurance typically does not cover these tests. 

  1. MTHFR/COMT - a test for enzymes that can give insight into the body's ability to detoxify . This is a saliva swab test, the cosst is $130 done at Kashi Health. Please listen to this podcast for more information. 
  2. Heavy Metal/Mineral Analysis- a hair sample test that can reveal heavy metal toxicity (especially aluminum) and mineral imbalances ($85)
  3. Organic Acid Test- a urine test that can help  determine the health of the gut by identifying various metabolites in the urine. Done by Great Plains Lab read more here. Please also  listen to this podcast or more information. 


  1. Initial Phone/online Consultation $150 (one hour in length)
  2. Any Follow up Phone/online Consultation - $85
  3. Email Consultation- $45 (not available for new patients)

Before the First Consultation

It helps us to know more about your child before our first Consultation. Please fill out these forms prior to your  first appointment and send to wendi@jubileehealth.org. Please email us to set up a time that is convenient for you. 

Please know

At Jubilee Health we make every effort to learn as much as we can about your child and how we can best help them in a holistic manner. This will involve lifestyle changes,  nutrition suggestions and natural remedies. It is typically not an overnight fix, and often takes trial and error to see changes for your child.