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Are you looking to help your child be the best they can be using a holistic approach ? At Jubilee Health our mission is to empower parents with the knowledge of nutrition,   lifestyle changes, and natural remedies to help their kids THRIVE!!  At Jubilee Health we offer online consultations for pediatric patients with  infant reflux, eczema, GI complaints, ADD/ADHD, ear infections, behavior issues,sensory processing disorder and help for overall wellness. Our approach is holistic in nature and includes diet recommendations, lifestyle changes, and natural remedies.  Click here to learn more or email  wendi@jubileehealth.org to set up an appointment 


Wendi Combes, RN

I'm a mom and a nurse who has worked over 20 years in the pediatric hospital setting- mostly in the field of pediatric oncology. My lens to see health care changed when both of my daughters had health issues early on and the conventional medicine route didn't really help them. It was then that I discovered the beauty and effectiveness of natural remedies and using a more holistic approach to healing. I now help other parents on the journey of wellness for their child and am a passionate advocate to help kids thrive!  


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