Does your child struggle with frequent ear infections? Do you want to avoid the continued use of antibiotics? check out my ebook: THE CHILDHOOD EAR INFECTION EPIDEMIC to learn how you utilize natural approaches to treating ear problems


Discovered your child has a cavity you didn't know was there? Interested in knowing how to treat cavities naturally and change the trajectory of your child's dental health? Get the low down in how to treat cavities naturally in this online class


Hear words of wisdom from heroes in the pediatric wellness movement covering everything from chiropractic care to genetic testing. You won't want to miss these, you can even download and listen later.


Meet Wendi Combes, RN

I'm a mom and a nurse who has worked over 20 years in the pediatric hospital setting- mostly in the field of pediatric oncology. My lens to see health care changed when both of my daughters had health issues early on and the conventional medicine route didn't really help them. It was then that I discovered the beauty and effectiveness of natural remedies and using a more holistic approach to healing. I now help other parents on the journey of wellness for their child and am a passionate advocate to help kids thrive!

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Looking for a little help in the food and recipe department?  Tons of great resources here to get your family eating better!

bone broth for kids

Bone Broth and Collagen

Did you know bone broth can be very healing to your child's gut and therefore very healing overall... learn ways to get this healing food into your child

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Want to learn what the food movement is all about? Interested in learning more about topics affecting your health?


Need some tips on dealing with common illnesses in your child? Check out our Jubilee Health Academy to learn natural healing tips!

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We went from daily, awful tantrums with weekly night terrors, loose stools, crazy long naps that still left him tired, and problems at his preschool every week from meltdowns to ALMOST NONE OF THESE ANYMORE. Thank you for your help!

Thankful Mom!