A few things "lagging"- jet lag and some reflections on our recent trip to England…


I recently visited England with my husband, Tom, where he was leading a retreat for some pretty cool folks who work with American teenagers in military families who live on military bases. I was the privileged one who got to tag along which allowed us a day visit to London, a quick trip to Oxford University and the home of CS Lewis (author of the Chronicles of Narnia series), and capped off with a delightful stay in an old country estate called Cloverly Hall. I loved pretending we were really staying at Downton Abbey.

I can easily admit I found myself in love with the English countryside and quaint villages with a town pub. I kept trying to envision what it was we could do to allow a family move across the pond.

A few things I observed about the English in my one week stay:

I loved stroking my new afternoon tea habit.

The word “squash” translates into juice or fruit juice (rather clever, I think).

The food is much higher quality in my humble opinion than in the US. Even the retreat center where we stayed put up this picture.


Insinuating that they are proactive in the GMO movement instead of  letting the government dictate how patrons get to know what is really in their food.

The Heinz Ketchup in the UK contains sugar as opposed to high fructose corn syrup.  You might have to pick your poison here, but I would prefer the sugar over the genetically modified mercury laden corn syrup.

Heck, even the yogurt I found at the grocery store was labeled” proper organic yogurt” from Yeo Valley Organic Farm. I kind of dig how they like to use the word “proper”.

The friends whom we visited told us of the compost pick up service that was just like garbage/recycle pick up. HOW COOL would that be- sure would cut down on the rats we invited when we had our own compost container in the back yard!

I was impressed with the better food choice overall, but sad to say many Englanders are heavy smokers which was rather unappealing!!!

The trade off, of course, with the good food and higher standards is the higher cost of living and cost of food in the UK. Might be hard for a family to eat well over there on lower living standards. Not sure how to reconcile all of that in my little brain, but thankful for the yummy food while we were there.

Ever feel JET LAG????

We really had an enjoyable time , even with the quick 6 day trip and 5 hour time difference. If you have ever flown to a different time zone, especially overseas, you know how sometimes jet lag or when the body’s circadian rhythm gets out of sync, can get the best of you. And particularly  if you are traveling with children, you will want to be prepared! I like to avoid the prescription and over the counter medicines simply because there are some great natural remedies that can help you combat jet lag and get the circadian rhythm back on track.  Here are some tips to get you ready to avoid jet lag!

  • Hydration is KEY! If traveling with small children especially. Take a pass on the sodas and high sugar juices and reach for the water instead. Even the days leading up to your trip, drink lots of water. There is a great remedy that I love called Quinton Isotonic that is really marine plasma. It is a game changer for me and my family. It might be hard to carry on a plane due to it’s glass vial, but it is excellent leading up to and in a checked bag for landing if you can make it happen. Drink, Drink and Drink water on the plane!
  • Most trips from US to Europe fly at night, be sure to sleep when it should be night.
  • Go ahead and change your watch to the new time zone upon entering the plane- lets your mind move forward.
  • Some magnesium spray can be helpful as well. I like the EASE magnesium spray by Activation Products. Magnesium helps one relax easier.  Just spray on abdomen, arms and legs. This can be safely used in children.
  • Allow your infant to either nurse or take a bottle on landing/take off.
  • Some folks have found essential oil use particularly helpful.
  • Homeopathy can make a dramatic difference in that stupor feeling. Helps reset the body’s rhythm. Some helpful homeopathic remedies include:
  • Arnica Montana 30C taken every couple of hours on the plane and on arrival
  • Nux vomica 30C – for when there is constipation and GI disturbance
  • Chamomilla 30C- can help alleviate stress, sleeplessness, anxiety, and disorientation
  • A cell salt called Nat Mur in the 6x potency. You can dissolve this in water and drink it that way OR let them melt under tongue. Nat Mur helps with water balance in the body.
  • A Great combination homeopathic remedy by KingsBio called Jet Lag and Shift Change (wishing I had had this when I did my night shift work as a young nurse). It is simply a spray that you can spray in your or your child’s mouth every so often to help combat the jet lag feeling.

If you want to learn more about homeopathy, be sure to check out my education page with a short video about homeopathy and cell salts,  or podcast interview with Joette Callabrese, and if you want to know how to use it in kids for common ailments, check out our online class: A Parent’s Guide to Natural Remedies: Everything you need to know to treat your child’s illnesses at home.

I would love for you to share tips on jet lag that you have found helpful in traveling with kids! Please share below what has worked for you and your family!

Until next time… safe travels!

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