Making Grains Easier to Digest


Have you heard that gluten is bad and that grains should be avoided at all costs? If you read a lot of the popular health information on the internet you would probably believe that. And in all honesty, the way grains and processed food are prepared, packaged and sold, one would probably feel better if they did avoid grains. However, if we take a look back from cultures before us, we might learn about traditional methods of preparing grains and making them suitable for human consumption and digestion. I’m betting alarms might be going off in your head thinking, “that takes a lot of thought, preparation and time of which I do not have!!!” ….Delete… BUT WAIT!!!!! before you hit delete,  I urge you to listen this podcast from Peggy Sutton of To Your Health Sprouted Flour where she shares some insight into how properly preparing grains can make a dramatic difference in how your body responds to them. And for those of you who already feel overwhelmed…just know To Your Health Sprouted Flour does the work for you and you can easily purchase these traditional methods already done for you!!!

Episode Breakdown:

  • A look into gluten sensitivity
  • The importance of organic flour
  • What is sprouting
  • The benefits of sprouting
  • The difference between soaking and sprouting
  • Fermentation versus sprouting
  • The place to start for moms

To Your Health Sprouted Flour

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