Like Cures Like: Homeopathic Magic for Your Family

Homeopathy changed my life. I was struggling with my 18 month old daughter who had quit sleeping through the night, was showing quick meltdowns and having some strange GI issues. I had been to lots of different doctors in the area to get help and I got the “she’s fine”. After being a pediatric nurse for a long time, I knew in my heart something was off. That landed me at my neighbor, Susan Kramer’s, door step.

She has a homeopathic and herbalism practice in her home called Earthways. After having an appointment with her she gave my daughter what is referred to as a constitutional remedy. Within 48 hours this child was sleeping through the night again, temper tantrums were down and I had a new 18 month old. I was blown away. This wasn’t a placebo- this was an 18 month old who didn’t know that I had even given her a remedy. I was hooked, I never looked back, my husband gave me a homeopathic kit for Christmas that year and I was a woman on a mission. I started to learn what homeopathy was all about and it changed the way I saw how to use medicine. Now, give me an ailment and I will figure out how to help clear it up.

Homeopathy is a gentle and safe way to help the body do what it was designed to do.

It is based on the premise of “like cures “like”. Developed over two hundred years ago by a doctor named Samuel Hahnemann, homeopathy takes a substance noted to cause certain symptoms, dilutes it down over and over (even hundreds of times), and then in this diluted form it will cure what it causes.

Let’s say for instance, an onion can cause one to have teary eyes, runny nose or cold like symptoms. However, if taken in a diluted form it will cure the runny nose and watery eyes. The remedy is called allium cepa and it is derived from the common onion. It also has no known side effects and doesn’t interfere with any prescription meds. Another example would be the homeopathic remedy, RHUS TOXICENDRON. It is actually made the poison ivy plant. But in its diluted or homeopathic form, it can cure poison ivy.

One that is a must have on hand at our house is Belladonna.


Beautiful and helpful belladonna.

Just this week, both my girls came down with a quick onset of a fever and headache that took them to the bed. (isn’t this when we know they are really sick?) I gave both of them Belladonna just a few times (you give till you get better) along with an amazing remedy called Quinton Isotonic and some essential oils to the feet. SHAZAM they were both feeling back to normal the next morning and back to school.

I LOVE treating my family at home and watching them get better so fast!

There are thousands of remedies out there and various ways to use them. To keep it simple, know that common ailments like sore throat, common cold, headaches etc can be treated effectively, safely and gently at home. However if you are seeing issues on a more chronic basis, it is always advised to seek professional homeopathic help or an alternative type practitioner to be able to go a little deeper.


In the mean time, grab a few good reads!

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 Have you used homeopathic remedies, either for yourself or your children? Leave us a comment; we’d love to know what works well (or doesn’t!) for you.

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