Fluoride…Friend or Foe?

In an effort to protect children…

The lead in paint was deemed dangerous by the US  Government back in the 1970’s.  So they banned it from paint, and now it is required by law to say whether or not you think lead could be in your house if you are selling it in an effort to protect children. What they discovered was that lead is a neurotoxin and not safe, especially for children’s developing brains and bodies. Some pediatricians even check lead levels now as part of regular care to make sure toxicity is not an issue.


How did the lead get there in the first place and why did someone think it was OK to have lead in paint? It obviously made a better paint, but it was something that was once thought of as safe, but turned out to not be… and there are now repercussions as a result.



fluorideFluoride was the golden child of the 20th century. Look how modern we are that we can put something in our water to prevent tooth decay. But did anyone take a closer look at what fluoride was really doing to our bodies? Especially our children’s bodies. New studies are coming out everyday demonstrating its harmful effects to babies and children. Even some members of the  EPA are calling for no fluoridation in our waters. Most of our friends in European countries have chosen NOT to fluoridate their municipal water systems. There have been links to the increased incidences of ADHD and thyroid problems. ( I lose track of the people I know who are on thyroid medication!)  Yet, the people who have taken a closer look in the US at the potential dangers of fluoride get automatically labeled as anti-science, but the people who aren’t taking a closer look are adamant they are right and not open to discussion. I think in life we often discover things aren’t as great as they might seem and we have to shift our thinking. Education is experiencing a shift in thinking, as Obama recently announced the end of the  NO Child Left Behind era. It is even true in medicine… remember the horror stories of bloodletting, or even more modern day is Vioxx and it’s downward spiral. Maybe we are better off taking a closer look and examining an issue to see if there is a better way.

Last week, film maker Jeremy Seifert,  released a thought provoking documentary: Our Daily Dose on fluoride and its potential dangers to our kids.  It is only 20 minutes long, and it will be worth your time, I promise!

I myself have become convinced of the dangers and am doing everything in my power to keep fluoride out of our home. But if you are still unsure, do your own research. Some helpful places to start are here:

Fluoride Action Network

Moms Against Fluoride


So then what is one to do? First of all , educate yourself and make an informed decision about whether your family should consume fluoride or not. If you decide to consume fluoride, then you don’t need to do anything because there is plenty in our water, our toothpaste and most dentists advocate for its use. But if after educating yourself you find you want to avoid fluoride then here are a few tips!

  • Get a water filter for your drinking water. NOW , this can be tricky and confusing in and of itself too because how do you know which one is best? I have done a lot of research on this and have come to the simple conclusion you just have to trust your gut on this one. Do a little research to know what resonates with you in a filter that removes fluoride. Please note that simple filters like the Brita filter and even refrigerator filters don’t take out fluoride. Two on my list that do are Berkey Water Filters and Cuzn.
  • Buy fluoride free toothpaste. This is a little hard to find too, but with our beloved internet you can find almost anything. Tom’s of Maine carries a child friendly one. We like EarthPaste Lemon Flavor for our girls, but I think our favorite is Purely Heaven Essentials’ orange kid’s toothpaste. My 5 year old eats it when I am not looking!
  • Decide what you are going to do at the dentist ahead of time. We just found a dentist that doesn’t use fluoride, but before that we would bring our own toothpaste with us. And be careful with sealants that are recommended way too often these days, most of them have fluoride in them (and not to mention, BPA:(!!!)

Please feel free to leave comments about what filter you use or even what toothpaste you have used in your family that is fluoride free!

And do check out this podcast with Dr. Bob Johnson, DMD and his experience of coming to understand fluoride and its effects.


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Mary - October 28, 2015

Earthpaste from Redmond salt is fluoride free to and they make a child friendly one. http://www.redmondtrading.com/product/earthpaste-lemon-twist/ If you live in an Azure Standard delivery area it is much cheaper from them. Tropical Traditions also has one http://www.tropicaltraditions.com/organic_teeth_cleaners.htm?s=b11810

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