Cultured Foods

Cultured foods used to play an important part in the everyday diet. Our modern society has gotten away from this tradition of fermenting foods or culturing food and our health is suffering as a result. Friendly microrganisms play a major role in helping regulate our gut and immune system, that without them our bodies will start to fail. Here are some great resources to find cultured foods, places to buy it already made or have fun learning to do it on your own!!!


culturedfoodlife-150x150-1Cultured Food Life┬áis a place to get started on the cultured food journey if you just don’t know where to start. Donna Schwenk has a passion to help others get better by utilizing cultured food as she did in her own family. Her website has great information about how to get started as well as a membership section if you want to go deeper. Her book , Cultured Food for Life , is a step by step method on how to get started. Even people like me who lived of boxed macaroni and cheese in my 20’s found this amazingly helpful…

culturesforheatlh-300x83Want to learn to do some culturing in your own home to improve your whole family’s health? This is the best resource for all thing cultured!!!

Videos, books, and helpful staff… Check it out here.