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Can Essential Oils Cure a Cold?

Essential oils are very powerful tools and they have been around for thousands of years. They are natural aromatic compounds found in the seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers, and other parts of plants. They can be found to be 50-70 times more powerful than herbs. Essential oils are great  natural alternatives to synthetic drugs and can be safely used at home to treat common illnesses and avoid multiple trips to the drug store  or the doctors’ office. Children and infants can benefit from them too!

So can an essential oil cure a cold? Yes, that and much more.


Here are some success stories from my practice:

One seven year old boy with chronic asthma issues requiring steroids, inhaler and nebulizer treatments particularly through the winter months. His mom chose to use several different eo’s (short for essential oils) and he required no steroids, no inhaler and had to use the nebulizer only 1 time during the winter season. Small investment for eo’s to have on hand, but think about the difference in cost of going to doctor, getting prescriptions filled, and not to mention the side effects of the drugs he would have had to take.

A child who has special needs including a sensory processing disorder. Mom chose to go the eo route and used them for calming. The child experienced much happier days, less stress and less sensory reaction issues.

Of course, these are anecdotes, but when you’ve tried everything else, or would prefer something that can, at worst, cause no harm, an essential oil can be a great tool in your body-healing shed, for both you and your family. For those interested in the medical literature, find many of the studies here. Especially noteworthy are the studies on Alzheimer’s and dementia – could we cure some of society’s ills with lavender oil?

Here are some other uses for essential oils:

Allergy issues: Try lemon, peppermint and lavender oil.

Stomach issues and heart burn: Reach for ginger, peppermint and lemon.

Canker sores: Try Maleluca or Tea tree oil.

Cold symptoms:  Reach for peppermint and frankincense.

You simply could do a medicine cabinet makeover and use essential oils for many issues you normally would make a trip to the drug store for.

There are a lot of different essential oil companies out there.  I have landed on two companies that I like for their quality manufacturing processes and certified therapeutic grade manufacturing. At Jubilee Health I use doterra oils for my patients. Doterra is a multi level marketing company, so you pay a membership fee, like at Sam’s or Costco to get them at wholesale price and then just use them for your family. I also like Mountain Rose Herbs, and you can simply order these online with no membership fee.

If you are interested in learning more, you might want to check out Pinterest, You tube and Face Book, and see what others are doing with their essential oils. I think you will be amazed.

Contact Jubilee Health if you are interested in ordering some to improve the health of your family.

Multi-vitamins: worth it, or not?

I get lots of questions at Jubilee Health about “what should my family be taking every day”, especially when it comes to a multivitamin. There are lots of different products out there and it is hard to know what is right.

Ideally, of course we would hope we wouldn’t have to take a multi vitamin if we had that full time chef cooking all of our food for us. But that is not happening.

And our soil is so depleted of many nutrients and minerals these days that a multi is not a bad idea.  A multi vitamin usually has vitamins AND minerals.  Our soil is especially depleted in minerals, and without minerals our body can’t be at it’s optimal health.  Minerals are they key in creating the catalysts for the enzymatic process so the body can utilize nutrients.  And sometimes we just want the insurance of getting the extra good stuff.

A few tips when choosing a multivitamin:

Does it come from real food? There are a lot of good brands who make it point to let you know their sourcing is from real or whole foods, not a synthetic form. Juice Plus is a good example of a real food vitamin. Vitamins that are synthetically made are hard for the body to process. Here is the hard part, a lot of words look good, but if written in the following manner, they are synthetic and you might do best to avoid these ingredients.

Ergocalciferol (Vitamin D)

d-alpha tocopherol

Folic Acid (B9)

Vitamin A palmitate

Riboflavin (B2)

Pantothenic Acid (B5)

Vitamin A palmitate


Also, choose capsules instead of tablets- as processing to make tablets can degrade the nutrients.

Kids gummies…. Most of them that I have seen have lots of added things to them to make them taste good for the kids. Yeah, you might can get them to take them easier, but they have a lot more to them that might not be helpful. Try opening a  capsule of better quality and hiding in a little applesauce or smoothie.

Avoid excipients and fillers. Simply read the label before you purchase. Excipients are binders, fillers, flowing agents and “glues” that are often non-nutritive substances used in nutritional products. There are several that are probably best to avoid: propylparabens, magnesium stearate, titanium dioxide, sodium benzoate, methylparaben, FD and C red #33, polyethylene glycol and methacrylic copolymer.

After the human genome project it was found that there are some people who  have a genetic polymorphism called MTHFR-( yes, you read that right – it stands for methytetrahydrofolate reductase). If one is positive for this genetic defect it can mean that you have trouble converting folic acid to a usable form in the body.  The folic acid added to most over the counter supplements is a synthetic form, not to be confused with good folate-rich foods like spinach. With that in mind I recommend buying a product that has a broken down form of folic acid and you will see the words like folinic acid, or 5-methatetrahydrofolate. The two best ones that I know of are Dr. Rons Multi and PRL Daily One.

One of the best supplements you could introduce your family to is cod liver oil . My favorite is Green Pasture (see below). There are others; please contact Jubilee Health for more info. This is one of the best food “supplements” out there. It is not heat or chemically treated, it is made by a traditional process thus leaving all the vitamins, enzymes and minerals intact. (hello incredible multi vitamin!) It is one of the best REAL sources of vitamin A, vitamin D and EPA and DHA! Both my girls were sick this week, and guess what I realized? We had been out of our cod liver oil for a while.




And if you are the adventurous type and want a recipe to try and make some sort of multi on your own head on over to Modern Alternative Mama website and see her cool recipe to make your own multi at home!