Bone Broth/collagen



Bone Broth is full of  amazing nutrients!!

You have probably heard the old saying that “chicken soup is good for the soul”, and it truly is. The broth that is made from the bones of  well taken care of chickens can provide some nutrients that can help heal in a  most natural way. The mineral content, the amino acids and the collagen that are found in broth are a packed punch to help keep any gut working well, and therefore immunity in much better shape. Broth can be made from any type of animal bones, chicken seems to be the easiest and most palatable for folks just getting started.

If you are just getting started on the real food journey  I would suggest you buy some bone broth to get a taste for it. You can do so from here. IF you are lucky enough to live in Atlanta, GA, this farm, The Lil Patch, delivers it to your door!

When you are ready, here is a great tutorial to learn to make it in your own home from

There is a way to get some of the nutrients from Bone Broth without having to make the broth and sometimes it is referred to as “Cheater’s broth”. It is merely dehydrated broth in a powdered form.  There are two types of this. One is Gelatin or Collagen Proteins. This can be used in soups, as a thickener or even fun homemade gummies for your kids. The other is Collagen hydrolysate or Collagen Peptides . This form is more broken down and a little gentler for kids tummies and can even be used every day- easily mixed in smoothies, soups, sauces or even just taken in applesauce as the taste is minimal. There are two reputable brands that sell both types. They are both listed below.

Vital Proteins has Collagen Proteins- more like gelatin and Collagen Peptides- the more broken down or hydrolysate form. This is a very reputable brand, and I have used them personally with good results.



Great Lakes brand  is also very good. The orange one is the gelatin, and the green one is the collagen hydrolysate.