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Should My child be taking Enzymes? Interview with Dr. Devin Houston of Houston Enzymes



Do you have food allergies and/or digestion issues? Listen to Dr. Houston as he explains how enzymes could help resolve those issues.

Episode Breakdown

  • How enzymes work
  • Is it normal to feel tired after eating?
  • Who needs enzymes
  • When and how to take them
  • Can they stop working?
  • Enzymes, Autism, and food allergies
  • A deeper look at the Houston Enzymes products
  • Success stories

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Organic Acids Test: One test that can tell us a lot


Have you ever wondered if there was one test that would be helpful to do on your child that would give you a lot of insight into their overall health? Or have you even felt that there wasn’t something quite right and you wanted to run a test to see if you could uncover something?  There is a test called the Organic Acids Test or OAT , run by Great Plains Laboratory that can shed some insight into overall intestinal health or what might be  causing behavior disorders, hyperactivity, movement disorders, fatigue, immune dysfunction and more.

Listen to Dr. Kurt Woeller as he shares how the Organic Acids Test can help identify potential causes of some health problems that might be going on in your child.

Order your own Organic Acids Test through Dr. Woeller here

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Making Grains Easier to Digest


Have you heard that gluten is bad and that grains should be avoided at all costs? If you read a lot of the popular health information on the internet you would probably believe that. And in all honesty, the way grains and processed food are prepared, packaged and sold, one would probably feel better if they did avoid grains. However, if we take a look back from cultures before us, we might learn about traditional methods of preparing grains and making them suitable for human consumption and digestion. I’m betting alarms might be going off in your head thinking, “that takes a lot of thought, preparation and time of which I do not have!!!” ….Delete… BUT WAIT!!!!! before you hit delete,  I urge you to listen this podcast from Peggy Sutton of To Your Health Sprouted Flour where she shares some insight into how properly preparing grains can make a dramatic difference in how your body responds to them. And for those of you who already feel overwhelmed…just know To Your Health Sprouted Flour does the work for you and you can easily purchase these traditional methods already done for you!!!

Episode Breakdown:

  • A look into gluten sensitivity
  • The importance of organic flour
  • What is sprouting
  • The benefits of sprouting
  • The difference between soaking and sprouting
  • Fermentation versus sprouting
  • The place to start for moms

To Your Health Sprouted Flour

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Eczema Solutions for Children


A mom’s personal journey with her son’s eczema and how it led to her writing a blog and the Eczema Company.

Episode Breakdown:

  • Her family’s journey with eczema
  • Why she started blogging about eczema
  • Her company “the Eczema Company”
  • Importance of using natural products
  • How eczema affects skin absorbency
  • Her favorite eczema creams
  • Different kinds of eczema
  • Wet wrapping

Importance of support

Check out her blog

The Eczema Company

Email Jennifer:

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Connecting your child’s brain…


Join me in this episode to learn about Neurodevelopment Therapy and how it can help your child with motor and behavioral skills.

Episode Breakdown

  • What is Neurodevelopment therapy
  • How to measure stress responses
  • The three different kinds of reflexes and how they affect our lives
  • What are the three elements the brain needs to function properly
  • Dr. Hanson’s assessment protocol
  • The importance of individualized treatment
  • The importance of milestones
  • How Dr. Hanson can help children recover from missed milestones

Connect My Brain

An Alternative to Gluten…Einkorn Wheat



In this podcast, learn how an ancient wheat called Einkorn can help your family with gluten sensitivity so that you can continue to enjoy bread, crackers, pasta, etc.

Episode Breakdown:

  • The story behind Jovial
  • What is Einkorn wheat
  • Einkorn wheat vs modern wheat
  • What is gluten
  • Gluten sensitivity
  • The cookbook “Einkorn: Recipes for Nature’s Original Wheat”
  • Jovial Products

The cookbook

Jovial Foods

Cod Liver oil from Norway.. because your child’s health is worth it!



Join me in this episode where I interview Archie Welch from Corganic. We talk about the historical uses of cod liver, its health benefits (for kids and adults) and the difference between consuming it fermented or in its extra virgin form.

Episode Breakdown:

  • Archie Welch’s personal story
  • The difference between Corganic’s cold liver oil and the store bought ones
  • History of cod liver oil
  • How Corganic filters heavy metals and toxins out
  • Fermented vs extra virgin cod liver (EVCLO)
  • The reason behind not flavoring EVCLO
  • Importance of Vitamin A and D3
  • Vitamin and EPA/DHA breakdown of EVCLO
  • Vitamin A toxicity
  • Success stories
  • Butter oil benefits with EVCLO


An alternative to the ADD medications… all about Learning Rx with Beth Ardell


Are you looking to help your child focus in class, retain information, and learn more efficiently? In today’s episode, Beth Ardell will talk about Learning Rx,a  cognitive training program that will help your child’s brain be more efficient.

Episode Breakdown:

  • What is Learning Rx
  • How does it work
  • Learning Rx versus tutoring
  • Who can benefit from Learning Rx
  • Her daughter’s story


Getting your kids to eat healthier brain foods! with Landria Voigt


Join us on this Podcast with Landria Voigt, a nutritional consultant. She shares some of her tips and tricks on how to eat healthy and loving it.

Episode Breakdown

  • Stiritup: Simple, tasty and nourishing recipes
  • Importance of fats and proteins
  • Breakfast ideas for kids
  • How to prevent sugar swings
  • One of the best fats for kids
  • How to get more veggies into your kids’ diet
  • How to talk to kids about food

Super Paleo Snacks

The Juice Box alternative… Little Me Tea


Are you looking for an healthy alternative to juice boxes? Little Me Tea thrives to offers just that, a healthy drink with minimal amounts of sugar and whole ingredients. The ingredients include herbal teas, fruits and veggies. Join me in this podcast with Melinda Hicks, founder of Little Me Tea, to learn more.

Episode Breakdown:

  • The story behind Little Me Tea
  • Nutrient value of tea
  • Overview of the ingredients they use
  • Comparison of sugar content in Little Me Tea and juice boxes
  • Organic Natural Flavors vs MSG


Little Me Tea