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The benefits of genetic testing to detect behavioral causes in children



In this episode, I interview Valerie Ferdinand from Kashi Health. We talk about different gene markers (MTHFR and COMT) and the effects they have in our bodies and how to find out if you or your child has either one of those gene markers.

Episode Breakdown:

  • Services offered at Kashi Health
  • Genetic testing that Kashi Health offers
  • The meaning of the acronyms MTHFR and COMT
  • The affects of MTHFR and COMT in the body
  • Behaviors and symptoms  in children affected by the presence of MTHFR
  • The importance of folate
  • The difference between folate and folic acid
  • Lifestyle recommendations
  • Success Story

Kashi Health

WHERE and HOW do I start to change my family’s diet? with Sarica Cerenohous from the funky Kitchen


Sarica Cerenohous talks about the benefits of bone broth, sourdough and other fermented foods to support a healthy body. She also provides simple steps that moms can take to avoid feeling overwhelmed.

Episode Breakdown

  • Traditional food preparation
  • What is fermented food
  • Affects of carbohydrates on a child’s body
  • Tips and tricks to reduce your child’s sweet tooth
  • Importance of the mom’s diet
  • A deeper look at Sourdough
  • The benefits of bone broth
  • The Funky Kitchen’s book and class offerings

See Sarica’s book The Funky Kitchen

Learn more about her classes

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Essential Oil use in Kids… what you need to know!


In this episode, I interview Retha Nesmith from Plant Therapy. She covers how parents can use essential oils to treat minor ailments in children. She also clarifies some of the controversial questions I often get asked, such as “are essential oils safe for children to take internally?”.

Episode Breakdown:

  • What are essential oils
  • The story behind Plant Therapy
  • KidSafe Synergies
  • All about diffusers
  • A look at a few controversies
  • A success story

KidSafe Synergies

Chiropractic care in kids… what it can do and how it helps!


Ever wondered about chiropractic care and it’s use in children? You definitely want to check out this podcast with Dr. Danielle Drobbin!
Hear how she explains what chiropractic care is, how it is safe and gentle to use in children and even how it can help with ear infections!!!

You can find Dr. Danielle at Midtown Family Wellness

If you don’t live in the Atlanta area, please be sure to locate a pediatric trained chiropractor near you.

Be proactive for your kids!!!!

Cranial Osteopathy: How it can safely and gently help your child!

Ever hear of cranial osteopathy? It might not be on the radar for your child’s optimal health, but it should be!!! Listen to this podcast with Dr. Arlene Dijamco, board certified pediatrician, as she shares what cranial osteopathy is and how it can be such a gentle, safe an effective way to treat children.


Episode Breakdown

  • Body’s ability to heal naturally
  • Studying with Andrew Wild
  • What is Cranial Osteopathy
  • Working with children
  • Who benefits from cranial osteopathy
  • Success stories
  • Ear infections

Check out Dr. Arlene here at All Worlds Pediatrics

She also sees adults at All Worlds Health

The Magic of Magnesium in kids


Finding  yourself frustrated at bedtime to wind your child down? Does your child suffer from constipation or growing pains? In this podcast, Dr. Carolyn Dean will be covering the many roles magnesium has in the body and how it can help your child wind down at night, ease constipation, growing pains and more!

Episode Breakdown

  • An overview of Magnesium’s roles in the body
  • How the world population became Magnesium deficient
  • The Magnesium/Calcium ratio
  • Its important role in kid’s health
  • Is testing necessary?
  • The best way to take it

The different forms Dr. Carolyn Dean offers

Oral magnesium and electrolytes

Dr. Carolyn Dean’s Completement Program

Got a whiny child? Get some help!


In this podcast, I interview Susan Kramer about flower essences. You will learn that they are great remedies to have on hand to help kids with emotional issues (i.e. cannot focus, panic, scared of the known/unknown, need constant attention, etc.). She also mentions great remedies for moms that feel overwhelmed.

Episode Breakdown:

  • What are flower essences
  • Who is Dr. Bach
  • The importance of healing the emotional state
  • ok at some of the remedies with specific examples
  • How to give them to children
  • Can they be combined
  • Favorite remedies for mom
  • What is Rescue Remedy

A story: a goose and Rescue Remedy

Here is the book she recommends

Contact Susan Kramer at 4042481784 or her website

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Hidden Toxic Ingredients in our everyday products… become an ingredient detective


Join me in this podcast to learn about the hidden toxic chemicals that are used in personal care products we use everyday on ourselves and our family. Antoinette Moura enlightens us on some of the ingredients to avoid and empowers us to read labels before buying a product.

Episode Breakdown:

  • What is Ava Anderson now named “Pure Haven Essentials”
  • The meaning of “Organic and Pure” on cosmetic products
  • Number of chemicals banned in EU vs in the US
  • Chemical build-up
  • The role of the endocrine system
  • Triclosan
  • A deeper look at sunscreen
  • Cosmetic regulations
  • Fragrance

Pure Haven Essentials

Ingredients to Avoid

Environmental Working Group

Should I be giving my child a multi vitamin?


On today’s podcast, I talk to a representative of Wuji, an online store for Chlorella and Spirulina. We talk about Chlorella and its many benefits for children’s health, how it can be used as a multi vitamin replacement, and which kind is most easily absorbed by the body.

Episode Breakdown:

  • What is Chlorella
  • Where and how does it grow
  • Its nutrient profile
  • Chlorophyll and our bodies
  • Chlorella benefits backed by research
  • MiraLAX alternative
  • Broken cell wall Chlorella
  • How to take it
  • Spirulina vs ChlorellaGet some Chlorella

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