Can a Simple Salt Help My Family's Health?


Cell salts are one of easiest remedies to use at home, one of the most inexpensive, and completely safe for the whole family. They do not interfere with medications, they taste good (kids love them), and they are readily absorbed by your mucous membranes (and not the digestive system which is often faulty).

Cell salts, also known as tissue salts or mineral salts naturally exist in human cells and play a critical role in regulating cellular metabolism.

The health of a cell is critical to our overall health. In 1872 a German Homeopathic physician, Dr. William Schuessler, developed what has become known as the 12 Schuessler cell salts. Schuessler reasoned that an imbalance in these minerals was actually the cause of many diseases and maladies.  His findings determined that if this balance of minerals in the cell is upset, there can be a change in the state of immunity and resistance to microbes.  He also studied and catalogued various symptoms that can result from any cell salt deficiency.  These cell salts are homeopathically derived, allowing them to be a more bio-available form to the cell.

Modern lifestyles drain even the most health conscious person.

These much needed levels of mineral salts can be easily depleted through everyday stress, poor nutrition, anxiety, environmental toxins, exposure to heavy metals and contaminated drinking water.  I know of practitioners who use ONLY cell salts in their practice and have great success. The beauty of cell salts is their ease of use and kids love them. I never have a problem giving them to my daughters. You cannot harm yourself with cell salts.

Cell salts can really help the next time your family suffers from an ailment!

Take a look at this list below to see if you recognize any of these imbalances, and then use either of these methods to take them:

1) Dry method: tap 2-4 pellets or tablets into the cap and drop them into the mouth. Most children prefer this method due to the sweet taste.

2) Wet method: put pellets in clean water and consume throughout the day.

Acute cases take 2-3 pellets or tablets as often as every hour or two hours. Chronic cases take 2-3 pellets,   1- 3 times a day.

Cell Salt #1 Calc. Flour

Calcium Fluoride – the safe form of fluoride. Helpful with:

Improving circulation

Teething, toothaches and sensitive teeth

Children prone to cavities and tooth remineralization. Helps widen palate for teeth to grow        in straighter

Cracking of joints

Strengthening of bones

Expectorant for colds/coughs

Find it here: CALC FLUOR

Cell Salt # 2 Calc. Phos

Calcium Phosphorous Helpful with :

Growth spurts or high calcium needs

Teething (rub on gums)

Healing of broken bones

Sore throat with difficulty swallowing

Feeling overwhelmed

·Infections of mucous membranes

Flatulence (gas)

Find it here: CALC PHOS

Cell Salt #3  Calc. Sulph

Calcium Sulphate. Helpful with:

A Must with early stages of cold symptoms

All over skin health, rashes, boils, abcesses, cradle cap dry eczema

Superficial skin burns

Helps in removal of wastes and toxins

Pus formation with cystitis

Find it here CALC SULPH

Cell Salt #4 Ferr. Phos

Iron Phosphate. Helpful With:


·A must have FIRST AID remedy= redness, heat, pain or swelling


Anemia. Nosebleeds, great for low hemoglobin in pregnant women

Increase oxygenation and circulation

Low Grade fevers. Use first sign of sore throat or cold

Find it here: FERR.PHOS

Cell Salt # 5 Kali Mur

Potassium Chloride. Helpful with:

Ear pressure/apin/infection

Sinus infection, runny nose, sore throats

Anxiety and nervousness

Mental confusion

Swelling of lymph glands

White, flaky dandruff

Find it here: KALI MUR

Cell Salt # 6 Kali Phos

Potassium Phosphate. Helpful with:

Gives energy

Weak memory, improving learning and attention

Brain and nerve tonic


Depression with no apparent cause.


Find it here KALI PHOS

Cell Salt #7 Kali Sulph

Potassium Sulphate. Helpful with:


Chronic ear infections

Psoriasis, dry scalp

Stufffy nose, colds with yellow discharge

Hot flashes

Stiff joints


Find it here: KALI SULPH

Cell Salt #8 Mag Phos

Magnesium Phosphate. Helpful for:


Pain-anti-spasmodic. Muscle cramps, menstrual cramps, whiplash

Tics      and twitches

Carpal tunnel

Nerve headaches

Spasmodic cough

Find it here MAG PHOS

Cell Salt #9 Nat. Mur

Sodium Chloride – salt! Helpful with:


Watery diarrhea

Balancing fluids: edema, puffy eyes, hayfever,

Dry skin, nail

Hives after exertion

Cold sores

Slow digestion with heartburn

Emotional remedy- PMS/menopause

Find it here: NAT MUR

Cell Salt #10 Nat. Phos

Sodium Phosphate: helpful with:

Stomach pain, after eating fatty food


Balancing acidity

Gout, stiffness, swelling

Sensitive to cold

Kidney remedy, cystitis


Worms, grinding teeth, picking nose

Hypoglycemia episodes

Find it here: NAT PHOS

Cell Salt #11 Nat. Sulph

Sodium Sulphate. Helpful with:

Lack of appetite

·Nausea, thrush

Asthma, especially with mucous

·Support for depression, gloom and fear

Find it here: NAT SULPH

Cell Salt # 12 Silicea

Silica. Helpful with:

Picky, frail children

Babies vomit mother’s milk

Weakness, stamina

Grogginess in morning

Improve, hair, skin, nails- connective tissue

Remedy for bad effects from vaccinations in newborns

Lacking self confidence and courage

Premature babies, slowness in development

Find it here: SILICEA


A combination of the 12 cell salts. Helpful for generic use, but use specific ones for certain conditions.  Use for overall demineralization.

Find it here BIOPLASMA

The most commonly recognized  brand is  HYLANDS.  These can be found at most health food stores or on Amazon and they come in 500 or 1000 count bottles[EN1].  Find them in our Things We Love- under Remedies, then Cell Salts

Great resources to learn a little more about cell salts:

Facial Diagnosis of Cell Salt Deficiencies David Card

Homeopathic Cell Salt Remedies: Healing with Nature’s Twelve Mineral Compounds

References used for this information:, Seroyal, Brighter Day

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