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I get it… kids like to snack and we as moms like to have something healthy to give our kids to “tide them over” so they can make it to the next meal. And we live in a country where we are used to buying snacks at the grocery store and in a package. Makes life easier. If you are even reading this blog, you probably know the perils of processed snacky foods. Yes, a dream world would have us all living out in a wide open space and our children snacking and living off the land, BUT that is not where most of us are… So do you want some great snack ideas that can be purchased and used for those quick fixes, like lunch boxes, long trips, and even fun treats???  Here is a list of 10 easy snack alternatives to the norm that I’ve compiled of  treats my family has tried and passed the test.. Enjoy!!!

  1. way-betterWay Better Chips… who doesn’t love some CRUNCH!!! Most anything that you buy in a bag these days has  been so processed and laden with bad vegetable oils along with genetically modified foods that it is not worth the wasted calories. FINALLY someone has realized how to make a great chip that has thoughtful ingredients. If you have read any of my other information, you know that I am a fan of sprouting grains before eating them, see this podcast. Way Better chips are made from sprouted ingredients. Music to my ears. My kids like the Sunny Multi-Grain.. They taste a little like the original Sun Chips. I like the Simply Spicy Siracha. Those can stop a Dorito fix in a minute!!! Be sure to check out all their flavors and crackers as well.
  2. love-bean-fudgeLove Bean Fudge… who doesn’t love a little chocolate sweet fix in the afternoons? Love Bean Fudge is fun way to have a choco or caramel fix. I think one of the best ways for kids is the little single packets they have that can fit easily into a lunch box or for fun a take along snack. What I love about these is that they are made from coconut oil so hence a good fat filled snack. Fat helps maintain blood sugar and feeds the brain the nutrients it needs = much happier kids and moms! The sea salt caramel goes great on apples!
  3. popcorn-600x480Organic sprouted popcorn from HealthyFlour. This is one of our household favorites. I can pop this for an after school snack and even visitors to our house love it. ESPECIALLY with lots of Kerry Gold butter drizzled on it with some Real Salt to go with it. I get hero status when I serve it. Easy to make and put in zip lock bags for school lunch or car trips!
  4. jovial-crackersEinkorn Sourdough Crackers from Jovial Foods are another great way to get that crunch that most of us like. Made from super food Einkorn flour these tasty little crackers will go will with any cheese or spread. Remember Einkorn is such a great wheat to use in lieu of regular wheat- check out this podcast.
  5. seasnaxSeaSnax… Yes, seaweed! it sounds kind of gross, but it is a great snack. Many nutritionists believe sea vegetables are one of the healthiest foods on earth. Research indicates that seaweed is rich in minerals such as iodine, calcium, sodium, magnesium, potassium, iron, zinc, copper and selenium. SeaSnax brand are made with olive oil instead of canola and they have more than just seaweed, check out the Chomperz.
  6. merrubitesHail Merry Merry Bites Remember Cookie dough ice cream days? Well, here is a great little healthy replacement. Hail Merry makes some yummy Merry Bites to include cookie dough flavor. They are all made with coconut oil- a great fat snack!
  7. cheddar-cheese-strawsCheese Straws.. Do you ever enjoy going to wedding or showers and filling up your plate with the cheese straws? I used to try and save those for special occasions thinking it fit in junk food category… but not anymore. Be sure to enjoy these yummy, crunchy cheese straws made from sprouted flour. (remember sprouting it makes it easier to digest)
  8. french-onion-dip-product-180x180French Onion  Dip Naturally Free French Onion Dip is like the store-bought version but a million times better. Made with organic, non-irradiated spices and 100% real ingredients, you can be confident about the quality of food you’re serving to your family, friends, and when you’re treating yourself. It contains no MSG, no dextrose, no ‘what-in-the-world-is-that-ingredient?’ and of course, it’s made with extra love
  9. jerkyBeef Jerky  .. have you ever tried this? I’ll be honest , of my two kids, one really loves beef jerky, the other could take it or leave it, but it is a power packed protein snack. We have found a great recipe, make our own and use through out the week. See it here. But there are several fancy, healthy, grass fed jerkys being made these days. One good one is from  The New Primal.
  10. lmt-new-package-sliderLet’s get something to wash it all down. The Juice Box alternative… Little Me Tea  is super yummy and a great alternative to the juice box mania. Made with real tea, I feel great about sending this for a fun picnic snack or even occasionally for school. Check out this podcast to learn more.

Do you have a favorite snack that is healthier than your average bag of goldfish or packaged granola bar? Please do share in the comments so others can  know about it too!!!


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Alisa - June 16, 2016

I love these snacks! Especially seaweed. It’s a pretty common snack where i’m from, and I guess I should be glad for that.

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